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People aren’t stupid – it’s just hard to change your habits. That’s what happens in WOL circles.

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  1. What are the main features of Stepper’s “Working Out Loud” learning method?;
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Harold Jarche 2. Working Out Loud is the new way people are working. The term was coined by Bryce Williams in with a simple formula: 4. Not Mindless Broadcasts 6. Make Your Work Better Search for ways to improve it.

Like-minded people are coming together around the globe to make their work visible, make it better, lead with generosity, build a social network and are making it purposeful. Could this work for you? What about your organisation? The power of peer support Want to know more about working out loud circles? A Working Out Loud circle is a peer support group of people in which you ask yourself three questions:. Your circle meets for an hour a week for 12 weeks, and a simple 2-page guide helps you take small steps each week. Goal worksheet for week 1. Week 2: Make your first contributions.

Week 3: Work your lists. Week 4: Upgrade your online presence. Week 7: Make it a habit. Week 9: Explore more original contributions. Week Become more systematic. Week Imagine the possibilities. Week Celebrate and reflect. Updated November and June Your email address will not be published.

Working Out Loud: How to promote digital collaboration and open science | ZBW MediaTalk

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And when our knowledge management department starts more Working Out Loud Circles, guess who will try to join…. Do you have made similar or totally different experiences with Working Out Loud Circles? Tell us about them in the comments below. Photo: Unsplash. Thanks for blogging Alex. I just need to get started! Thank you for this post, Alex!

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Working Out Loud (WOL)

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Working Out Loud: We Create a New Mindset

What is a Working Out Loud Circle? February 8, at pm. John Stepper says:. Sonia Rudd says:.

February 11, at am. Luisa says:.