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Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar features in species of different periods or ephos in time line. Convergent evolution creates analogous structures that have similar form or function but Bird, bat, and pterosaur wings are analogous structures, but their forelimbs .. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

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More animals that need your help: Cats Dogs All. Get Educated. The Truth About Breed Discrimination. The Facts About Feral Cats. Why Kill Shelters Exist.

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The Truth About Breed Discrimination When people think of dog breed discrimination, they often think of pit bulls. What Vocal Has to Offer. Pet Adoptions. Pet Food Assistance. Merchandise From The Vocal Store. Featured Product Monthly Membership Buy. Featured Product Pet Memorial Buy. Similar studies have shown that animals react very strongly to the perceived presence of spiders, hawks, sharks, and wolves. But what about humans? His team has shown that they certainly do. In an English forest, the researchers played the sounds of various carnivores to local badgers.

The badgers ignored the sounds of wolves entirely and were mildly concerned by the growls of wolves and bears. But they were profoundly disturbed by human speech, even the genteel tones of some BBC documentaries and a reading of The Wind in the Willows. Next, the team wanted to see whether a larger carnivore would behave similarly. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, they placed speakers at sites where mountain lions had killed large prey and were regularly returning to feed.

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When the cats approached , the team played either talking humans or croaking frogs. The human voices—including those of Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh —made them flee more than 80 percent of the time. But I felt very sorry for these chaps, this camel business. Camels could prove tricky to ride. Wireless operator Edgar Woolley remembered the difficulty he had dismounting from a runaway camel while he was based in Palestine in late Eventually the camel got to the crowd of his companions round the water troughs and dived in amongst them, pushed his way in.

When, thank goodness, down went his rear quarters and I was saved. Animals were also used to carry messages. Both pigeons and dogs were trained for this purpose. British officer Arthur Hemsley was asked to set up a pigeon school in He explained how the system worked. They came 40 miles an hour straight from the front. And of course, you see, you always sent either two males or two females, you see.

Never a male and a female otherwise they merely stop and make a home together and breed. The moment they stepped on the trap it rang a bell.

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As well as carrying messages on land, pigeons were used when men were stranded at sea. We were lucky to get on the sea to start with. We made a sort of pancake landing against a big wave and we got down. We released our pigeons.

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So we threw everything we had almost at them — I threw my last half crown at them! They eventually got back to the loft and a half crown was never better spent, because 16 hours afterwards we were picked up. We were in a pretty sorry state by then I can assure you! Pigeons were sometimes the only reliable way of getting vital messages through. Well in the 20th of September battle, we took some pigeons up and we had them. We were in a trench there for about three days and we had these pigeons.

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And the silly thing just went out and it perched on the parapet and we were thinking surely somebody would be firing up and there it was on the parapet. We kept throwing bits of soil at it to try and make it go and in the end it got up and went right towards the German lines round and round and back over. To get out of here! Dogs were trained to carry messages, too. After setting up a pigeon school, Arthur Hemsley was tasked with doing the same for messenger dogs.

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Whereupon the men of Vignacourt came and complained bitterly because they barked all night and kept all the village awake. So I had to uplift them from there and put them well away in the woods where they were no trouble to anybody.

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They were a very happy crowd there. They fed the dogs on fresh cut horse meat generally, from horses killed in battle. And the dogs were quite useful, too. They were taken up the line, of course, and a message put on them. Animals were also used to protect humans from danger. British private Harry Baker was carried to safety by a donkey after he was wounded at Gallipoli in May At the bottom you were almost as safe as houses, except for shrapnel.

A New Zealander he picked me up, he dressed my wounds. He put me on a donkey with which he was taking the wounded down the Shrapnel Valley to the ships on the shore there. He took me down on the donkey to the beach.

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That was the best donkey ride I ever had, you can gamble on that! Animals were not kept in war zones just to work; many provided companionship as pets and mascots. British gunner William Towers had a pet dog at one point during his service on the Western Front.

I had a little, a lovely little dog that come and attached itself to me and it used to sleep at my foot. She laid on my feet in the night I thought it was lovely. When I got up she went, she came and I went all over with her.