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Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar features in species of different periods or ephos in time line. Convergent evolution creates analogous structures that have similar form or function but Bird, bat, and pterosaur wings are analogous structures, but their forelimbs .. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

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Since I first began speaking and writing about leadership over twenty years ago, I've seen the growth of a huge "leadership industry" with a multitude of confusing theories, models, grids, charts, formulas, and buzzwords. My goal with "The Leader's Digest" was to distill all this information down to its essentials — a series of "executive summaries" on the timeless principles for team and organization success.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback I continue to get for the unique "browser's digest" or magazine style layout of "Growing the Distance," I used the same approach with "The Leader's Digest. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Leadership is a popular topic today because it's so central to personal, team, and organization success. This has led to a confusing multitude of leadership grids, charts, formulas, jargon, fads, charismatic stories, and buzzwords.

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Drawing on decades of research, extensive experience coaching and developing thousands of managers, and previous bestselling books, Jim Clemmer distills today's leadership information overload to its core essentials. The result is a series of insights and bite-sized briefings on the timeless principles of leading people, The Leader's Digest.

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    Publisher: Ecw Press , This has an incredible self-fulfilling power and vibrational magnetic energy that new research frontiers like quantum mechanics and mind-body medicine are only beginning to understand. What we believe in defines our deep-seated values or attitudes that establish the frames or filters we wear to define whatever is happening to us as good or bad.

    These values also guide our behaviors. Why we exist takes us to the fundamental issues of finding or defining deeper meaning for our teams, our organizations, and our own time on this earth.


    He has delivered thousands of keynote presentations, workshops, and management team retreats to hundreds of organizations around the globe moving his audiences from inspiration to application. His website is www. Happy New Year!! May this be your best one yet! Whatever they might be called, the key questions forming our Focus and Context are: Where are we going?