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I saw they used cartoons, so I called them up, and started selling them cartoons, for 10 bucks each. In a video in the exhibition, you open up some huge filing cabinets in your home office filled with cartoons rejected by The New Yorker over the years. Yet you got your first cartoon , showing the imaginary objects described by nonsense words, accepted on the first try.

Were you surprised?

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In April , I thought, Why not? I sent them a huge batch of stuff. The one they took was probably the most personal of the whole bunch, the kind of thing that I would do just to make myself laugh. You still submit to the magazine almost weekly.

50 years on From Stonewall: Christopher Street, New York - Pioneers of Love

What is your routine like? The deadline is Monday. But I like some adrenaline, so I draw them all on Monday, and work on books or other projects the rest of the week.

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Were you always a crafter? Periodically I get obsessed with a certain craft. I started the eggs about 10 years ago, and went on from that to the prints, then the rugs, then the embroidery. Some obscure furrier from ?

You have said that your least favorite thing to draw is the woods, even though you live in the woods, in Connecticut. I like to draw out of my head, and I can draw interiors until the cows come home. And then one day I saw my first transgender woman, on Christopher Street. I have breasts now. The first image of a trans person that left an indelible impression on me was a still of Venus Xtravaganza, a twenty-something transgender drag ballroom performer, standing on the Christopher Street Pier, in Greenwich Village.

The sun setting over the Hudson River streaked the sky navy, yellow, and magenta.

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She held a cigarette as if the Village were her own front porch. It was in the Village, on Christopher Street and the nearby piers, where many trans and queer people first shared space with others like them. For generations, these places provided mirrors for those who rarely saw reflections of themselves. On Christopher Street, there were multitudes of potential selves: transgender, transsexual, non-binary, genderqueer, femme, butch, cross-dresser, drag king or queen, and other gender identities and sexual orientations that challenge social norms.

Bree Benz, fifty-five.

It was in March that I made the decision to start taking hormones. I did it thinking that I was still going to stay hidden.


Am I happy? Customers, including homeless youths, showgirls, street people, sex workers, and trans folk like Marsha P. Johnson, resisted and fought back. In the following days, thousands joined the protest.

Most of the protesters had no assets or property. All they had was their bodies, and they put them on the front line for the cause of their own liberation. Nearly fifty years have passed, and Christopher Street is recognized as the birthplace of the modern L. Some travel for fun, some for business The sixth Audi Cup is on its way to Munich once again as part of the pre-season warm-ups for four of Europe's biggest We all love a good East meets West moment, and there's perhaps no bigger coming together or clash of the two than yoga It concerns an Irish A study by the Bertelsmann Foundation comes to the conclusion that a reorganization of the hospital landscape in Germany We all know that our kidneys play a major role in overall health.

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