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I had to… I was dying inside. Luckily this tragic period of my life led me to discover a unique body, mind, and emotion healingphilosophy of transforming your body not through punishment, but through healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset. This training, along with real live women I transformed, enabled me to develop unique life-transforming programs based on the most comprehensive evidence in food science, human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.

Today my detox, mindset, and fitness programs that have influenced the minds and bodies of hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. As a personal trainer, the 1 struggle my clients had was dealing with cravings — and the emotions behind those triggers. They would eat healthy all day, or even all week, but then feel the need to splurge on their favorite junk food or dessert, or gobble up a ton of carbs.

In my small, shabby apartment, I sat down to develop easy-to-live-by, sustainable programs for the person who had many of the same fear-based, mindset struggles that I did, and the same emotional eating issues my personal training clients had. I wanted to do more than just help women look and feel better in their bodies. This will usually not work, especially if someone is telling you that you can solve your body challenges with food alone.

The problem is, you could be eating healthy foods and working out, but if your mindset is still programmed to think that you, the person inside, is not okay just the way you are … your body will lose some weight, but eventually gain it all back, and sometimes even more. Well, guess what? Plus there are other ways your brain gets in the way of lasting transformation, because… Your brain has a mind of its own when it comes to fat and body weight!

And you might not prefer the same weight your brain prefers. Higher levels of leptin in your bloodstream mean more fat on your body. When you understand how big of a role your mind plays in your transformation, it can be much easier to lose weight — both physical and emotional weight. See full disclaimer below. There will be no calorie counting or weighing yourself. My hope for you is that your scale no longer dictates your success. The way you feel in your own skin and the energy you have is the new measure of success!

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The 1 focus and reason this works is the lifelong learning to Love Yourself Lean. Together, you and the other women who become your sisters on this journey, will have each others back and help each other cross over the finish line. This makes getting through each step, and each day, very easy and doable.

And when you KEEP this lifestyle going for yourself, well, the transformation is limitless. Like Kristin experienced on the 30 Day Challenge… When Kristin found me, she was in a very low place. Her blood sugar was erratic, and her hormones were terribly imbalanced. It was like an elephant had been lifted off my body. My physical body and my emotional body was lighter, happier, and I felt so much better. My life is forever changed because of you Danette May!

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  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These are your sisters… a unique group of women who share your pain and your dreams… and who all share the same desire to become the person each of us is truly meant to be. Certain superfoods have the power to change your life at a cellular level — body, mind, and emotions. When combined in a very specific way, and eaten in a certain sequence and time of day… these healing superfoods have the power to completely cleanse, deeply nourish, totally re-energize, and rebalance your entire system… …cleaning out and resetting your cells, organs, and even your emotions — without depriving you.

    The healing foods are going to have a different effect on your emotions. You can expect to feel a lot of your emotional turmoil getting cleared out too, especially in the first 3 days of the 30 Day Challenge that is designed to fully detox your entire body. And since this happens at the cellular level, the healing is long-lasting.

    Not only will the healing foods clean out and re-balance your body, and restore hormonal balance… The detox and continued healthy eating will also make you look at your life differently! Trust me… anyone who does the 30 Day Challenge experiences this… whether they recognize it or not.

    The Ultimate Day Beginner's Guide to Fitness |

    It will only take a few days for your brain to start changing… Your cravings to disappear… Your taste buds to start preferring healthy food… And your body to start looking and feeling better everywhere — inside and out. Every day you put healing foods into your body, you change at the cellular level Healing foods work very quickly transform every cell, tissue, organ in your body into prime health mode. Within minutes after that last cigarette, the body begins to heal the damage and restore all systems back to normal.

    Eating healthy, healing foods will give your body the vital energy and nutrients it needs to thrive and grow. And when you eat the absolute healthiest, most nutrition-packed foods on the planet like you do during the 30 Day Challenge… this healing and restoration happens at warp speed. Your stories can create painful emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, anxiety, and disappointment, just to name a few.

    However… through a few simple changes in how you process your past, present and future experiences, you can forgive yourself, and those who are part of your stories. You can reprogram how you think about your world, to see the person you really are, and grow into all that you want to become. My goal is to start the process of setting you free from the hard emotions that so many people often battle. With time, your reprogrammed mindset and new stories… become your new reality. With repetition, they become part of your new belief system that will then drive your daily thoughts and emotions.

    Today you can do very specific, yet powerful healing movements, that give you incredible, noticeable results… without having to endure long, hard workouts.

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    You can do these exercises anywhere… in your living room, your bedroom, even your kitchen! In fact, ya kinda get addicted to them! Your renewed vigor and energy will help you succeed in many tasks, and the discipline of regular exercise will help you achieve other important lifestyle goals. I can teach you how to love yourself lean. What have you got to lose?

    The things you did yesterday have brought you to the life you have today.

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    Yoga challenges in general tend to be more relaxed compared to something like a strength-training challenge, which would likely require you to exert a lot of energy and push your body to the limit. Through yoga, though, you'll learn not only what your body is capable of, but also how powerful a shift in your mindset can be. I think a common misconception about fitness is that the only way to get fit is to join a gym, but there are plenty of ways to crush your exercise goals within the comfort of your own home.

    If studios and crowded weight rooms aren't your scene, a quick internet search can lead to thousands of videos and programs developed by professional trainers with the intention of bringing fitness to you, not the other way around. Fitness guru Katie Austin's digital archive , for example, boasts a solid 11 pages and counting of workout videos. For people with really hectic schedules, people on a budget, or even those who simply perform best on their own, home workouts are a great option. But if the only place you feel motivated to actually work out is the gym, head to your local fitness center or studio, check out the challenges they've scheduled for , and sign on the dotted line.

    For example, Dr.

    12 x 30-day challenges: How to maximise your fitness in a year

    Raj Gupta, wellness expert and founder of Soul Focus Wellness Center , recommends his program, the Focus40 Challenge , for a jumpstart into the fitness scene in For the record, there are plenty of group challenges that aren't as intense as the Focus40 one. You could even create your own, if you really want; for instance, maybe you could challenge yourself to attend Zumba classes once or twice a week.

    Remember, the goal is to find a fitness challenge that's fun for you , and that you'll actually enjoy. Don't get it twisted: Fitness is about so much more than aesthetic, and that's something to keep in mind as you start going through the motions of your fitness challenge.

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    Exercise is first and foremost about your health, and about making a very personal, very genuine connection with your body. For inspiration, consider joining yoga teacher and activist Dianne Bondy's community on Instagram , and challenge yourself to incorporate her moves into your own home practice this January, and beyond. Planks might look easy, but they aren't easy. That being said, the stronger your pose, the stronger your abs and arms. YouTuber and wellness guru Cassey Ho 's challenge will rock your core, and in less than 10 minutes per session, might I add. Include this video in your workout routine once or twice a week, and maybe in February, you can add an extra day of plank work to your schedule.

    The goal is to progress, right? Just keep planking, and you'll get there. Booty, booty, booty squattin' everywhere. Seriously, though, I found what I believe is the best butt workout challenge to try in the new year. If you're looking for some serious GluteGains in , social media influencer Tiffanieray almost makes it look easy , by offering viewers a step-by-step guide to a few different types of squats to experiment with.